Pecan Grove MUD (the District) is approximately 1,700 acres servicing over 4,440 connections. The District envisioned a GIS that would enhance operations for utility management with a location-based system of record. The project encompassed Web GIS managed services, coupled with precise field locating of above-ground assets and managed data management services. 
Our team successfully hosted, configured, and implemented OEG’s specialized Web GIS solution tailored to the unique requirements of the District. This platform now serves as a centralized hub for utility management, offering secure, uninterrupted hosting and streamlined operational workflows. 
The field locating phase involved deploying skilled teams equipped with high-precision GPS/GNSS receivers to achieve sub-foot accuracy. The assets, spanning water infrastructure, stormwater facilities, and sewer systems, were located, providing a comprehensive and precise inventory.  
The acquired field data, including digital plans and digitized flow lines based on plan documents, has been seamlessly integrated into a unified and geospatially accurate GIS database. This integrated database is valuable for centralized management and future planning within the utility district.  To ensure optimal utilization of the Web GIS platform, our team conducted tailored training sessions for the District and its Operators.