Creating and Serving Communities

Odyssey Engineering Group, LLC takes pride in creating and serving communities through our unique project approach. We value teamwork and integrity above all else, prioritizing our clients and employees.

Our dedicated team of engineers and professionals provides clients with the highest level of service through five integrated service groups.

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and develop innovative solutions to achieve that vision.

Odyssey is committed to providing our employees with a positive work environment where they can thrive and grow. Only by building durable, trust-based relationships can we create vibrant, lasting communities.

Odyssey Engineering Group

Our Services

Single Family

Single Family

Our extensive experience in residential development allows Odyssey to deliver projects that comply with guidelines while maximizing their economic and aesthetic potential. We have a proven track record of projects ranging from 10-acre developments to 2,000-acre master-planned communities. We are confident that Odyssey can help you develop a community that is both successful and sustainable.

Municipal Utility Services


Odyssey provides a full range of engineering services to cities, counties, and special districts. Our Municipal Services Group delivers the support and guidance needed to meet the present and future needs of communities. Odyssey’s experienced engineers and designers work closely with boards of directors, city staff, and operators on a wide range of services.


Stormwater drainage is vital to any land development or public works project. Successful stormwater management requires the right blend of function, cost, aesthetics, and sustainability. Odyssey Engineering Group specializes in the planning, analysis, and design of stormwater infrastructure and floodplain management for projects in both the public and private sectors.

Site Development


Odyssey’s team of experienced professionals can deliver site projects of any size or complexity, meeting the best interests of both clients and communities. Our deep industry knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver a wide range of facilities, including commercial, retail, worship, athletic, educational, and multifamily.

Construction Project Management


Odyssey Geospatial Services seamlessly integrates the precision of GIS into our comprehensive suite of services. From web mapping to spatial analytics, we unlock the potential of spatial data, empowering you to make informed decisions and create resilient, future-ready communities. With Odyssey by your side, you’re not just engineering success; you’re navigating it through the power of spatial intelligence.

Our Core Values

Integrity driven

Odyssey prides itself on its direct and honest approach to our profession. We ensure that our clients trust us and our decisions and know that trust is built on integrity.

Team centered

Open communication, team work, collaboration and follow-through are key components of a team centered model. Everyone works for the success of the project and the team!


Effective, thorough and frequent communication allows projects to run efficiently and eliminates headaches. Open communication and responsiveness is the number one way to keep a project moving in a positive direction.

Pay it forward

Odyssey emphasize community involvement in local and state-wide organizations, mentorship for young engineers, and participation in volunteering opportunities throughout the community.