The Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation project consisted of rehabilitating existing side slopes for over 3,300 linear feet of Jones Creek located in Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District (PGMUD), which supports the structural levee at the high bank. The existing slope stabilization failed after Hurricane Harvey, which threatened the integrity of the levee. The Project scope included removing existing sheet piling and Redi-Rock and constructing a thirty (30) foot tall gabion basket stabilized retaining wall constructed in a confined work area. A sizable portion of the project was funded by a Natural Resource Conservation Service federal grant, which provided over $10,000,000 to PGMUD. The terms of this grant required that construction had to be completed within eighteen (18) months. As a result of considerable coordination between Odyssey, Odyssey’s sub-consultants, and the contractor, the project was completed ahead of schedule and satisfied the terms of the grant.